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Raw materials 1. Strictly control the quota of incoming petroleum coke In particular, the control of petroleum coke moisture, volatile content, as far as possible to buy large size, small amount of powder coke oil coke. 2. Strengthen and im...
Calcined coke is an important bulk material in the production of carbon anodes for aluminum, accounting for more than half of the total cost, for there are matching carbon carbon enterprise or electrolytic aluminium enterprises, take effecti...
1. Fixed carbon and ash content Fixed carbon and ash content are the main parameters of carburizer. High fixed carbon content and low ash content in carburizer have high efficiency of carburizer, on the contrary, low efficiency of carburizer...
Petroleum coke is a black or dark gray hard solid petroleum product with a metallic luster and is porous. It is a granular, columnar or needle-like carbonaceous material consisting of tiny graphite crystals.Petroleum coke consists of hydroca...
The raw material types of semi graphitized carburizing agent are various, and the production process is also different, including charcoal, coke, coal, graphite, etc. among them, there are many types with different sorting rules. High qualit...
The development of carburizing agent has a history of several decades. From the most common carbon powder, coal carburizing agent to the present high-quality graphitization carburizing agent and graphite as electrode carburizing agent, it ca...