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Factors influencing the efficiency of graphitization carburi
  1. Fixed carbon and ash content Fixed carbon and ash content are the main parameters of carburizer. High fixed carbon content and low ash content in carburizer have high efficiency of carburizer, on the contrary, low efficiency of carburizer.

2. Influence of joining mode The addition method is a relatively neglected element of many people, but they do not know that the appropriate addition method can quietly improve the actual effect of carburizing. For example, when charging, stir the carburizer and the charge, and place it in the bottom and middle of the induction furnace, so the carburizing efficiency is relatively high.At the time of addition, it is generally added together with other charges. The second furnace starts from the remaining iron liquid (200-400kg), and funds are invested into the carbon enhancer in plastic bags into the iron liquid level. The target composition of cast iron, the configuration of various charges and other various processing factors all affect the carburizing efficiency of the carburizing agent during the smelting of steel castings in coreless induction furnace.