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Foundry Coke GPC Graphite Petroleum Coke

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Graphitized Petroleum Coke

Our low sulfur and low nitrogen semi graphitized petroleum coke is made of calcined petroleum coke as raw material, then going through fully graphitization of the continuous graphitization process under the high temperature of minimum 2600℃ . Afterwards, through crushing, screening and classification, we supply our users with the different particle size between 0-50mm at the customers' request. Acting as the inoculant and carburizer, it's widely used in the special steel smelting and precision casting process, especially meeting the requirement of high quality product and strict control of sulfur content in the ductile iron and grey iron casting industry. lt's also used as reducer agent in the nuclear reactor, the absorbent of heavy metal in the waste water treatment system and the raw material of graphite cathode in the aluminum electrolysis cell.
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Rizhao NineFine International Trading Co., Ltd as a Customised Energy Fuel Provider.

Supplying Pet Coke, Carbon Additive, Silicon Carbide, Foundry Coke, Met Coke and allied products locally in domestic market on a large scale, we are also a professional exporter to international market many years.
We provide solutions to any industry where energy is of essence and cost optimization is possible.
Using in: carbon additive manufacture, steel making, cement plants, power plants, vitrified tile manufacturers, clay bricks manufacturers, chemical industries, refractories and coal gasifier plants.
We ensure you our supply capability with competitive price. we work strictly to guarantee product quality, our strong team provide you reliable service that make you feel purchasing is more easier.
Now we are in very good position to supply and export the required product on spot basis and make long term relationship to service you.